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Pear short curly hair wig

Brown long hair style, hot into a fluffy curly hair style, stylish and not tacky, side hair tied to the cheeks, repair hair wig and age, more cute and pretty.

Pear short curly hair wig

Style 2

hair wig

Pear short curly hair, beautiful curvature on both sides, fluffy and natural curls close to the cheeks, have a good face-lift effect, and the short bangs overall looks very sweet and pleasant.

Style 4

The trend of the long hair egg roll, breaking the dull and dull sense of ordinary hair, to create a sense of dynamic hair wig charm, coupled with temperament in the bangs super cute and romantic.

Style 5

Fresh and sweet high-tailed hair. Thin bangs and low horsetails are not only fashionable but also very sweet, with a hair wig small fresh ponytail hairstyle.