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European hair extension European and American style wigs

Compared with the effect after wearing a wig with a wig. Although the long straight light is full, it is always European hair extension monotonous. The long curly hair is very beautiful and very sexy. Don’t worry about being difficult to take care of.

Long curly hair is soft and curly, full of luster, looking back and smiling.

Step1: Prepare the curls that are similar to your own hair color.

European hair extension European and American style wigs

Step2: Put all the hair on the hairpin and fix it with a long hair behind the head. Use a comb with a brush to Fashion pop wigs comb the hair and make it fluffy. It is easy to fit the wig.

Step3: Take out the wig piece and stick it along the root of the brain. The wig has a thin hole in the steel piece to European hair extension hold the fluffy hair, so don’t worry about it falling.

Step4: After the whole wig piece is attached, it will become the effect in the above picture.

Step5: The long wig piece fits closely along the European hair extension hairline and is very natural.

European hair extension

Step6: Put the hair above the ear and put a wig on each. Then spread the long hair and the curls are done.