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Color wig Fashion color wigs

Wearing a wig? In fact, if you wear a wig occasionally, it is no problem, but if you wear a wig often, it may cause certain damage. Wearing a wig is like wearing a thick hat on your Color wig head to make the scalp hot, and the heat is A kind of catalyst can promote the metabolism of the scalp, the scalp is easy to sweat, and it secretes more oil and becomes more greasy. People who have a tendency to increase dandruff wear wigs and make the symptoms worse.

If you wear a wig too often, it is not good. But occasionally wearing a wig to change a shape, let yourself become beautiful, different from others, increase their self-confidence, this Color wig time wearing a wig can increase self-confidence, then wearing a wig is good.

Color wig Fashion color wigs

Color wig

The quality of wigs, most of the wigs on the market are not real hair, so they contain certain chemicals; long-term wear of wigs will definitely hurt the scalp. When cheap hair extension choosing a wig, pay attention to the wig’s breathability, hairline materials, and try not to choose the cheaper ones to minimize the damage to the scalp.

During the wearing of the wig, pay attention to the best wash every night, remove the greasy dirt on the head, to protect the scalp, hair clean and hygienic, but also pay attention to Color wig shampoo and conditioner should be separated, do not use what 2 in 1 Useless, use shampoo made from herbaceous plants. Don’t be lazy. Use shampoo every time you wash your hair. It can synthesize alkaline substances in shampoo.