Fashion short hair wigs

Guide: This article introduces you to some nice short hair wig pictures, and appreciate the fashion short hair wigs unique charm of short hair wigs!

The wig is also super nice to wear. It can create a variety of characters. Here are a few good-looking short hair wigs for you.

1, girls short hair mushroom head

The cute mushroom head is super nice, and it is also very popular now. Zhou Bichang, Xie Na and other stars have also chosen such a mushroom head in the recent period, super cute. The shredded mushroom has short hair and adds a bit of  fashion short hair wigs refreshing scent. It is super nice with a face and a long face. It is painted with big eyes and is super cute.

2, handsome fluffy fashion girls short hair

A slightly messy wig style, but the same is very beautiful, the staggered slanting bangs exudes a casual and elegant atmosphere, the short arc of the hair at the tip of the hair is initiated to modify the face effect, the looming chestnut color, the skin color is ruddy and white. In addition to giving people a sexy sense of OL, the whole wig adds a bonnet and adds temperament.

Fashion short hair wigs

3, cute loli short curly hair wig

Fashion short hair wigs

Short hair perm is also very popular with MM, honey-colored hair is very Barbie feel, Loli Oh, with curly hair, looks cute and cute, the front of the broken bangs, add a fresh  fashion short hair wigs atmosphere, with age-reducing effect. Playful short hair wig, fluffy curly hair is not only fashionable but also has a face-lifting effect. Selling and selling cute, super cute, very nice.

Hair wigs Wig cleaning step

Guide: Everyone pays attention to it. Today, I teach you the ultra-simple wig cleaning and Hair wigs maintenance steps. If you like it, you can’t miss it!

Gradually, the wig has become something that needs to be used every day, so how do you take care of the wig? The following small series teaches you the ultra-simple wig cleaning process diagram, interested to come and see!

Hair wigs Wig cleaning step

Wig cleaning step

1. Use a steel tooth comb to smooth the wig. If it is a roll wig, pay attention to the curl position of Hair wigs the head of the bangs. It is best to use a simple comb.

Hair wigs

2, then the fake release in the cold water for 5-10 minutes, fashion can not be too long, this will lead to wig off.

3, then take the fake start to replace a basin of water, use the wig-specific washing liquid into the clear water and mix well, put the fake release in the water and gently grab a hairline just fine.

4, after washing, put another basin of water, clean the wig.

5. After cleaning, dispose of the fake on a special bracket and use a dry towel to dry the water on the wig.

6. Finally, when the wig is dried 90%, gently grasp the Hair wigs hair with your hand, and then use the special comb for the wig to comb the wig and the top of the head.

The above is a diagram of the ultra-simple wig cleaning process, interested to come and see!

Fashion girl wig Girls Variety Wig Hairstyles Convert Fashion Look

Wigs are also a kind of beauty, then let’s take a look at the five girls’ versatile wig hairstyles and teach you to convert the most fashionable look.

Fashion girl wig
Fashion girl wig

Personality fashion girl wig

A sleek girl’s wig hairstyle, thick and smooth straight hair, revealing ultra-fashion temperament, then a two-color hair dye effect, more sex.

Elegant intellectual girl wig

In the wig, the hair is short-haired and the hair is selected. The temperament of the temperament is designed by Liu Hailai. It can not only modify the flesh of the face, but also show the girl’s elegant and intellectual femininity.

Charming sexy Fashion girl wig

Feminine and sexy girl wigs, big wavy curly medium and long hair, deep maroon hair color, slightly scattered  short oblique bangs, with a red lips beauty, transforming into a retro temperament look.

Fresh and beautiful female wig

The long straight hair wig hairstyle, the Fashion girl wig hair trimming hair, the lightness is very fresh and beautiful, the thick Qi Liuhai with black hair color is undoubtedly a natural and generous charm.

Fashion sweet girl wig

A stylish linen hair color hair dye, make Fashion girl wig this fluffy short hair wig look temperament and sweet, slightly slanted bangs hair, with delicate hair accessories, look good and age!

The above is a girl’s changeable wig hairstyle, together in the summer to convert the most fashionable look.

Korean corn hot wig hairstyle

Guide: MM who like wigs, your welfare comes, recommend several Korean corn hot wig hairstyles, add corn hot wig sweet points for your style.

With wigs, girls no longer need to toss their hair, recommend several Korean corn hot wig hairstyle pictures to see which one is right for you.


Corn hot is a wig perm that many MMs love, with a bang of air, let MM look younger, in the upcoming Christmas, with a stylish antler headband, very foreign.

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Korean corn hot wig hairstyle

corn hot wig


Korean corn hot wigs are very age-reducing, especially the bangs with air sensation, as well as the trend of linen dyed hair, the instant styling becomes cute and fascinating.


Casual bangs, with Korean-style corn hot wig hairstyle, it looks beautiful enough, with a hat, add extra points for your style.


What hairstyle is suitable for winter? It is also suitable for Korean corn hot wigs. The fluffy corn perm is arbitrarily drooping down, and it has the function of keeping warm. With the airy bangs, Meng Meng is very young.


Very goddess feel’s Korean-style corn hot wig, is a hot-selling wig hairstyle, stylish brown-yellow hair dye, enhances the wig’s fashion sense, the side view of this wig is super beautiful.

After reading the Korean corn hot wig hairstyle picture, which one is your favorite? Choose one of love to create a changeable look~~

air sensation short hair wigs

A wig is not good to look at, the choice of the bangs design is very important, the air sense of Liu Hai’s 2018 short hair, special age reduction and beauty effect, suitable for different face types of girls, or super neat inner buckle tail design, In the visual moment, there is a slim effect, super temperament.

short hair

The 2018 short hair style hair with a slightly hot hair, the curl of the perm hair is super beautiful, and the wig does not need to be taken care of. It is very easy to look at the neatly combed, bangs with air feeling, to modify your perfect face. At the same time, there is also the effect of age reduction, or it is very colory white hair color, choose this short wig and then fit.

air sensation short hair wigs

The messy 2018 short hair style, super big C buckle design, such a wig effect is super good, suitable for different face types of girls, with the sense of air bangs, age + fashion, and choose fake short hair do not need Going to the hair salon to cut hair, you can also go out every day is a changeable fashion.

Autumn and winter Korean wigs, hair length changes with you

Lead: Are you still annoyed because you cut a refreshing short hair in the summer? Don’t be afraid, Xiao Bian specially collected several latest Korean long curly hair wigs, whether Korean wigs you want to transform your image, or just pass by, it is worth your heart…

Korean wigs

Oblique bangs lady long curly hair
The light brown wig is stylish and energetic, and looks natural and shiny. It is gradually and slightly curled, and the layering is prominent, clean and neat. The oblique bangs of the eyebrows exude a ladylike scent. It’s amazing. Although the hair on the side is a bit thick, the coordinated curls are a little bit active.

Mature intellectual long curly hair

For girls who have a special liking for their hair, this wig reflects the intellectual appeal of mature girls. The exaggerated wave is swaying, and the layering is distinct, creating Korean wigs a sense of air. In the middle of the thick bangs on both sides, the doll face is much more mature and charming. The curls on the back are sporty.

Autumn and winter Korean wigs, hair length changes with you

Korean curly hair style shows the true color of OL.

Stylish live wavelength curls
The linen wig looks stylish and dynamic, and it is very energetic. The curly hair of the hair is fluffy and natural. Under the sunlight, it will attract the attention of passers-by.

With a red beach skirt, it looks like the enthusiasm and vitality of the summer sun.

The hair on the back is slightly involute, the Korean wigs linen hair is reversed, and the high-key has a soft touch.

Short hair wig charm hot roll to create a perfect face

Lead: wig will not hurt your hair, but also can change at will, it is a magic weapon for all kinds of girls. Today I have collected a few very nice little face wig hairstyles for hair wig everyone, and they look good and look good. I like short hair girl and have a look!

Dark brown short egg head

hair wig
The egg roll head with the corn effect is more lovely and more beautiful. Qi Liu Hai makes the face look more petite, the thick hair tail is lining more sharp, and the slap face is like this!

Brownish short curly hair
Streamlined short curly hair, with Qi Liu is very cute, delicate hair lines on both sides, the face is hair wig modified into a very nice slap face.

Wine red short pear flower
This hairstyle can make the pointed face look sharper, and the tail of the buckle is also very good to modify the contour of the face. The round face MM will also have a small face effect when trying this hairstyle!

Short hair wig charm hot roll to create a perfect face

Natural brown wave head
Bobo head small face effect is also very good, with oblique bangs, no matter which type of face is worth hair wig trying!

Reddish brown airy curls
The hair ends are layered with curly hair, and the shape is full. The thick curled hair tail looks cheeky and the face is very good. Qi Liu’s short hair suggests a long face MM.

Natural brown shoulder straight hair
Compared to curly hair, the straight face effect of straight hair may be slightly inferior, but as long as the hair wig face type match, shoulder straight hair is also very good!

Black messy curls
The curls with a little messy effect are full of movement and can modify the face shape. The classic hair color is beautiful.

Variety short hair wigs

This year’s times are popular short hair, but not every girl is short hair wigs willing to cut a long hair, don’t worry, choose a stylish and beautiful wig short hair can achieve the short hair style you want!

Short wig, with thick Qi Liu Hai cute Loli, but short hair wigs also has the feeling of Kawaii, warm color maroon hair color highlights the girl’s well-behaved side.

short hair wigs

The short hair wig with the bangs face with the short hair wigs length of the eyebrow is full of effects. Hair color is very natural and fresh and well-behaved.

Variety short hair wigs

The short lotus leaf wig is smart and cute, the elf is sweet, and the thick semi-circle bangs create a small face of the melon while highlighting the bright eyes, and the light brown hair color is more youthful.

The classic BOB head wig is the favorite of non-mainstream girls, not only pure and smart, but also cute and charming!

The popular pear flower wig is short hair wigs very versatile, and cute and age-reducing. It is a wig hairstyle suitable for any girl!

If you are tired of wearing a long wig, you should try this short pear flower wig! Not only does it age instantly, but it also becomes cute Loli!

Wig bangs – the secret weapon of the bangs

Compared with the general wig, the fake bangs are small in size, portable, and the price is relatively close to the people, which is more suitable for the concave shape of Wig bangs students and white-collar workers. With a little embellishment, you may be able to bring a new look to your hairstyle.

Wig bangs

Put on a small fake bangs, and then make different adjustments on the hair style, or long straight hair shawls, or Wig bangs long curly hair, or Korean hem, or add a Japanese girl’s beret and big Frame mirror as a decoration, amazing magic, you will be fascinated.

Wig bangs – the secret weapon of the bangs

Wig bangs

There are many fake bangs on the market, but they are basically divided into the above four models: the shape of the eyebrow arc, the individual curls, the small bangs and the bangs on the side.

At the time of selection, i suggested that in addition to paying attention to the style, in the Wig bangs case of the ability to allow, but also pay attention to quality, it is best to buy in a professional hairdressing store. It is necessary to be healthy and safe.

I added a model of Liu Hai, which is more beautiful and youthful, and can focus people’s attention on the Wig bangs facial features, with a fresh and delicate makeup, and more people’s beauty.

Fresh and sweet shawl long wig

Fresh and sweet shawl long wig

Let’s recommend a few fresh and sweet shawl long wig hairstyles, let’s take a look!

A very elegant side shawl long hair wig hairstyle, the hair is full of fluffy hair style, coupled with black hair color, very age-appropriate, very beautiful and sweet.

Fresh and sweet shawl long wig

A Korean super popular egg roll wig hairstyle, coupled with dark hair color, is very age-appropriate, plus a hair shawl to create a beautiful long hair style.

The temperament of the long wig long curly hair wig, coupled with the broken hair of the Liu Hai hair, and with the fluffy hair, played a full age reduction effect, is a very sweet temperament long hair.

Fresh and sweet shawl long wig

The beautiful side of the bangs, with a temperament shawl long hair wig hairstyle, perfect to show the  fresh temperament of the crush, is a very fashionable girl beautiful long hair, but also very age!

A long-haired Korean hair with a long wig style, with a side-by-side design, perfectly showing the delicate face of the crush, coupled with the dark chocolate color hair dye, the sweetness of the sister paper.

Light and airy bangs hairstyle, with beautiful long hair style, plus gold and brown hair color, very age-repairing, very good highlights of the pure breath of the crush.

The thick Qi Liu Hai’s long hair wig with shawl shape, perfect face modification, showing a beautiful face, coupled with dark hair color, is more suitable for autumn and winter.

Fresh and sweet shawl long wig

The long-haired girl can try the long curly hair wig shape of this shawl. It is a perm hair style that is  long wig very age-reducing, and it also perfectly highlights the sweet and elegant temperament of the girl.

The rich long curly hair wig shape creates a full fluffy effect, which is very age-reducing, and with the effect of a long-haired shawl, it is a good way to modify the face and show a delicate face.