Cute long wig hairstyle

Cute long wig hairstyle

It is inevitable to be uncomfortable to keep a constant, often perm hair dye, hair can not afford to hurt, then you need a wig, today introduces five cute Korean wig hairstyles for curly hair wig you, making you easy and stylish!

Korean cute wig hairstyle
Korean style, a burgundy hair color, medium and long pear head hair curls naturally scattered on the shoulders, oblique bangs, adding a sweet feeling.

Corn hot wig hairstyle

Fluffy corn hot wig hairstyle, long hair all scattered on the curly hair wig shoulders, fluffy hair to bring out a delicate little face! Intimate linen color hair adds a sweet and lovely feeling.

Korean style pear head wig hairstyle
This pear head has a long wig hairstyle, a beautiful hair color, a neat bangs, and a hot hair tail, which are placed on the shoulders, so beautiful!

Fashion pear flower head wig hairstyle

A sweet-filled pear head wig with short perm, short cheeks with short cheeks, can best retouch the girl’s face, cute and sweet. Plus a cotton hat, so the fashion is soaring!!

Long curly hair wig hairstyle
Long curly hair wig hairstyle, long hair all scattered on the shoulders, fluffy hair but set off a delicate little face!