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Wig long hair style

Wig long hair style

Fluffy Korean long curly hair wigs, plus champagne gold hair color, instantly brighten the skin, but also play a full age reduction effect.

Wig long hair

The thick bangs with oblique angles, the long hair with the beautiful buckle on the buckle, plus the popular brown hair color, it is a charming girl’s wig hairstyle.

The air-burning Qi Liu Hairstyle, plus the fluffy golden brown Korean long curly hair, instantly plays the role of full-age age-repairing, perfect to show the girl’s temperament.

Wig long hair style

The rich Korean long curly hair is matched with the airy bangs wig hairstyle, plus the golden brown fashion hair color, perfect to create the trend temperament.

Korean style split egg wig hair style, coupled with dark brown hair color, is very lining the skin of the eyebrows, is a popular Korean women’s hair style design, perfect to highlight the delicate face of the crush.

Wig long hair style

A stylish, long-lasting temperament Korean long curly hair wig with trendy hair color, looks trendy and temperament.

The aesthetically pleasing Korean style egg-neck wig hairstyle, combined with the age-appropriate Qi Liuhai, highlights the pure and gentle temperament.

Stylish burgundy fashion hair color, with age-old Qi Liu Hairstyle, is a Korean long curly hair wig hairstyle.