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Short hair pear head wigs

Short curly hair is also one of the trends this year, what? You have no courage to go to perm? Then buy a wig to short hair pear head wigs play with, you can also set up a small jewelry in the Liu Hai, playful and cute.

Short hair pear head

Short hair pear head wigs

Looking at other MM round and cute perm short hair, eager to try to get a change in the image, but how to do with their long hair reluctantly? In fact, there is no need to be so distressed. Use wigs to help you change your image. You can satisfy your short hair dreams without having to cut your long hair.

Medium long hair
Pure mm favorite Korean hair style, thick shape to create a rich feeling, exudes a gentle and restrained atmosphere, micro curls is really the best hairstyle for pure beauty.

Short hair perm
The effect is very realistic wig hairstyle, in fact, even a wig can be simply shaped with a curling iron, the short hair pear head wigs feeling of refreshing and refreshing gives a sense of fashion and liveliness.

Qi Liuhai dark brown curly hair
Very popular non-mainstream wig, this mid-length hair wig with a hat is very good in autumn and winter, low-key hair color is easy to approach, Qi Liuhai age and cute.

Trendy long curly hair
Maroon-colored big waves and long curly hair, the choice of fashion women. If you like to be eye-catching, you can start short hair pear head wigs with a top! Go to the nightclub or party to make you a full-fledged audience.

Classic BOB head
The pretty BOB head can be said to be a high-profile girl’s hairstyle after Korean haircuts. This thick bangs BOB head, with a hat to create a college style, is really a tender weapon.

Korean style flower head
The most popular non-mainstream wigs that girls like, changed the previous Qi Liuhai, combed a middle point, plus short hair pear head wigs a cute big bow hair accessories, Korean flavor, very suitable for sweet and lovely MM.

Long air sensation
The sleek top hat, the smart and active maroon long straight hair, the slightly upturn makes the wig more realistic, and the temperamental rebellious femininity immediately appears.