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Black long straight hair wig

The long black hair straight hair is pure and lovely, and the thick bangs of the age-old bangs are very natural. The long straight hair wig Japanese girl’s natural beauty is the most popular non-mainstream cute hairstyle.

long straight hair wig

The semi-circular bangs wavy hair is very temperament, the chestnut hair color has the effect of brightening the skin tone, and the hair accessories or hats are cute and moving.

A straight hair with straight hair, looks long straight hair wig pure and cute, and is more pretty with a big bow headband.

The BOB head in the middle, so the mess is a little messy, look a little more sweet and lively, brown hair can save the skin color.

The fluffy pear head is very arrogant, and the stylish yet short hair perm is definitely a non-mainstream hairstyle that grabs the eye.

 Black long straight hair wig is pure and cute

The BOB hair wig type that has just reached the clavicle is the favorite non-mainstream cute hairstyle for girls after 90, soft hair color, fine bangs, age and sweetness.

This short bangs BOB head, whether from the front or side, smooth hair, let you exude a strong youthful, short hair more cute and feminine.

The long curly hair of the bangs with long curly hair is also the favorite style of long straight hair wig this season’s long hair MM. The long curly hair and cheeks make you look beautiful.

Partially long bangs hairdressing effect is good, more suitable for face MM, plus floral hair accessories, the entire curly hair style gives a feminine feeling.