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2018 short hair latest hairstyle

2018 popular short hair pictures female, these 15 models must not regret after cutting. Many people say that cutting short hair is a pit, but still can’t help but squander. It really “has abused you thousands of times, and you still treat it as first love.” What good short hair styles became popular in 2018? The most popular  short hair styles are summarized.

What hairstyles look good on shoulders? Compared with the cut-out layering, the neatly shoulder-length hair is more suitable for the workplace and daily life. With the eyebrow air, the bangs are sweet and dignified. When the hair is brought to the ear, the ear with the big earrings is also full of highlights.

The slightly short-cut mid-point short hair, compared with the monotonous mid-point, the hair tail is a little more fashionable and playful, and the face shape can also be reduced.

latest hairstyle

South Korea’s Madou’s mid-short hair, medium-point + inner-button short hair is the preferred face for small faces. It is super suitable for girls with inverted triangle face and goose face. A small C-shaped scroll makes the short hair and Liu Hulan hairstyle separate. And with the brown hair color is even more feminine.

2018 short hair latest hairstyle female

Miss South Korea’s lob head, learning Korean art dyed a blonde hair is even more amazing, how to do short hair? Dye a very light hair color to become a fairy! The asymmetric design of the wave head is also a favorite of light mature women.

Air Liu Haibo wave head, almost transparent air bangs is the key to maintaining a sweet feeling, plus a short hair on one side to create a small and exquisite feeling, so that the girl who cut short hair can also become playful, and the effect of age reduction is very good. Short hair.