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The wonderful noun of hand-made man is used in a wider space. Thanos Samaras, a hair stylist, is one of Human Hair Wigs them. In his hands, he can change thousands of wigs, and he is also a collector. French retro doll fanatics!

Entering the home of hair stylist Thanos Samaras, we seem to be in the fantasy kingdom, where we can see this famous world hair stylist appear in France, Italy, Greece and even in Human Hair Wigs fashion magazines. A wig that appeared at the New York Fashion Museum.

When we come to this retro-inspired apartment, you can see a variety of novelty gadgets. Wig works, wigs, wig raw materials, curling irons and people’s tables. But the most noteworthy thing is that the French retro dolls displayed in the glass cabinets make us feel like we are back to childhood, so that time will stay at that moment forever!

Enter the fantasy kingdom of the hand-made man, the wig of the hair stylist Thanos Samaras and his retro doll!Human Hair Wigs.

Human Hair Wigs

Born in Thessaloniki in northern Greece, he began to study art and design from Thanos Samaras, and at the time he was an adult, he had a great interest in hair. Whether it is the material of the wig or the reflective material, or the wig can change a person’s temperament personality, etc.

will be included in his research. After graduating to New York, he thought of the idea of ​​buying a French retro doll, and soon someone paid attention to his retro doll’s wig and real hair wigs dress. In September 2010, his work also successfully appeared on the Greek Vogue cover.

In the kingdom of hair stylist Thanos Samaras, you can see novelty hair styling tools such as combs and styling tools.

Not only does he make a wig for his French retro doll, but Thanos Samaras also makes a variety of Human Hair Wigs Vintage hairstyles and makes it himself.

In addition, the visual shock of retro-styled wigs with various elements of fashion is one of the reasons why Thanos Samaras quickly became popular.