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Pear short curly hair wig

Brown long hair style, hot into a fluffy curly hair style, stylish and not tacky, side hair tied to the cheeks, repair hair wig and age, more cute and pretty.

Pear short curly hair wig

Style 2

hair wig

Pear short curly hair, beautiful curvature on both sides, fluffy and natural curls close to the cheeks, have a good face-lift effect, and the short bangs overall looks very sweet and pleasant.

Style 4

The trend of the long hair egg roll, breaking the dull and dull sense of ordinary hair, to create a sense of dynamic hair wig charm, coupled with temperament in the bangs super cute and romantic.

Style 5

Fresh and sweet high-tailed hair. Thin bangs and low horsetails are not only fashionable but also very sweet, with a hair wig small fresh ponytail hairstyle.

Hair wig styling hotspot

Wu Yifan was invited to depart Paris Men’s Week, wearing a purple wig shape caused fans and netizens to discuss. The majority of netizens commented that his twin sister hair wig appeared, and he changed his past style, quite a bit of a feeling of not taking the usual path.

Wu Yifan wig shape

Hair wig

It is reported that Wu Yifan’s hat and wig shape is hair wig to commemorate the sixth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. The whole shape is similar to Michael Jackson’s daily style.

Hair wig styling hotspot

Of course, the wig is not so good to wear. Wu Yifan can’t see the whole wig shape because of the help of a hat. The hair wig hat adds a big point to his style, but many stars wear wigs directly, and they feel terrible.