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Girl cos wig m bangs broken hair style

Girls make a lot of hairstyles for cos, but most of them are done with wigs, but how to make a girl’s wig COS hairstyle, not only to consider the effect of the hairstyle, but also think about how to cut the cos wig. first, In the cos wig, the girl cos wig bangs are made into an m shape, which not only looks good, first, but also considers what kind of hair style is better~ How to make a girl wig m bangs?

Girl cos wig m bangs broken hair style

Girl cos wig

Broken hair.

The hairiness of the hair root is still very high. first, The level is very special, cos on the bangs pointed.

first, Combine the hair on both sides of the hair for a little longer, and add a strand of hair to the forehead to form an m-shaped line. first, The difference is only the girl cos wig angle of the sharp corner of the m-shape.

The m-shaped bangs have a simple level.

first, The girl’s cos wig hair jelly hair type has a completely different style from the ordinary jellyfish hair type. The hair of the face is made into short hair,

and the outer hair is made of two ponytails with long hair. braid .The color is more special girl wig m bangs hair style, blue hair has the same temperament of the elf,this hairstyle is the curve of the hair on the girl cos wig cheeks has a neat curve,the back side of the hair is first, pressed against the neck to the front,the girl m Liu overseas’s side hair is very fine.