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Fashion pop wigs

Amy’s sisters must love tossing their hair, but the length of the hair is fixed, there is no way to change it? At this time, you need a fashion pop wigs, now the wig is more and more beautiful and more realistic, you really Don’t want a fashion pop wig?


Pear short curly hair, beautiful curvature on both sides, fluffy and natural curls close to the cheeks, have a good face-lift effect, and the short bangs overall looks very sweet and pleasant.


Brown long hair style, hot into a fluffy curly hair style, stylish and not tacky, side hair tied to the cheeks, repair and age, more cute and pretty.

fashion pop wigs

Don’t want to cut your hair? Fashion pop wigs easily change the variety of styles

Pure black bob head fashion pop wig, looks very soft and beautiful. The sparse eyebrows of the bangs, the natural tail of the buckle, the overall looks very cute and lovely.

The trend of the long hair egg roll, breaking the dull and dull sense of ordinary hair, to create a sense of dynamic fashion pop wigs charm, coupled with temperament in the bangs super cute and romantic.


Fresh and sweet high-tailed hair. Thin bangs and low horsetails are not only fashionable but also very sweet, with a small fresh ponytail hairstyle.


In the middle of the pear head, the hair curls of the hair tail are very individual, and the girl’s temperament goose fashion pop wigs egg face and long hair are very temperamental, and the air bangs are more attractive.

The pure long straight hair style perfectly presents the lady’s temperament. Together with Qi Liu Hai design, you can create a small face effect.


The air bangs long curly hair, not only elegant and very temperament, the natural scattered tail has fashion pop wigs a good layering, and the pink level at the end of the hair is more individual.


Qi Liuhai’s shoulders and short hair, full of youthful vitality, coupled with light linen dyed hair, add a bit of fashion to the overall shape, is the best choice for young students!

Fashion girl wig Girls Variety Wig Hairstyles Convert Fashion Look

Wigs are also a kind of beauty, then let’s take a look at the five girls’ versatile wig hairstyles and teach you to convert the most fashionable look.

Fashion girl wig
Fashion girl wig

Personality fashion girl wig

A sleek girl’s wig hairstyle, thick and smooth straight hair, revealing ultra-fashion temperament, then a two-color hair dye effect, more sex.

Elegant intellectual girl wig

In the wig, the hair is short-haired and the hair is selected. The temperament of the temperament is designed by Liu Hailai. It can not only modify the flesh of the face, but also show the girl’s elegant and intellectual femininity.

Charming sexy Fashion girl wig

Feminine and sexy girl wigs, big wavy curly medium and long hair, deep maroon hair color, slightly scattered  short oblique bangs, with a red lips beauty, transforming into a retro temperament look.

Fresh and beautiful female wig

The long straight hair wig hairstyle, the Fashion girl wig hair trimming hair, the lightness is very fresh and beautiful, the thick Qi Liuhai with black hair color is undoubtedly a natural and generous charm.

Fashion sweet girl wig

A stylish linen hair color hair dye, make Fashion girl wig this fluffy short hair wig look temperament and sweet, slightly slanted bangs hair, with delicate hair accessories, look good and age!

The above is a girl’s changeable wig hairstyle, together in the summer to convert the most fashionable look.

Wig bangs – the secret weapon of the bangs

Compared with the general wig, the fake bangs are small in size, portable, and the price is relatively close to the people, which is more suitable for the concave shape of Wig bangs students and white-collar workers. With a little embellishment, you may be able to bring a new look to your hairstyle.

Wig bangs

Put on a small fake bangs, and then make different adjustments on the hair style, or long straight hair shawls, or Wig bangs long curly hair, or Korean hem, or add a Japanese girl’s beret and big Frame mirror as a decoration, amazing magic, you will be fascinated.

Wig bangs – the secret weapon of the bangs

Wig bangs

There are many fake bangs on the market, but they are basically divided into the above four models: the shape of the eyebrow arc, the individual curls, the small bangs and the bangs on the side.

At the time of selection, i suggested that in addition to paying attention to the style, in the Wig bangs case of the ability to allow, but also pay attention to quality, it is best to buy in a professional hairdressing store. It is necessary to be healthy and safe.

I added a model of Liu Hai, which is more beautiful and youthful, and can focus people’s attention on the Wig bangs facial features, with a fresh and delicate makeup, and more people’s beauty.