Spring popular wig long curly hair

Side fluffy wig hair color: light brown for face: round face, long face, goose egg face side bangs style with wig long curly hair light color hair color look dazzling.

The effect of shredded hair is also fluffy, very realistic, and the rendering of the gradient color is more individual.

Gradient long hair style

Hair color: dark brown

Suitable for face: round face, long face, goose face

The gradation of the dyeing effect makes people feel more individual, and the long hair is long curly hair rendered more feminine.

Fluffy explosive personality curls

Hair color: wine red

Suitable for face: round face, long face, goose face, square face

The burgundy color of the hair color highlights the whiteness of the complexion, and the fluffy curly hair looks more individual.

The explosive effect brings a fluffy feeling, and the long curly hair face is extremely petite and very age-reducing.

Spring popular wig long curly hair

Linen long hair

Hair color: linen

Suitable for face: round face, long face, goose face

wig long curly hair

The thick bangs of the side are matched with the long-volume shredded hair effect, which is relatively natural.

The messy feeling of the tail is a little heavy and looks fashionable.

Side long curly hair

Hair color: light brown

Suitable for face: round face, long face, goose face, wide face

Cover the forehead with thick side bangs, which is long curly hair more sweet and age-reducing.

Pear short curly hair wig

Brown long hair style, hot into a fluffy curly hair style, stylish and not tacky, side hair tied to the cheeks, repair hair wig and age, more cute and pretty.

Pear short curly hair wig

Style 2

hair wig

Pear short curly hair, beautiful curvature on both sides, fluffy and natural curls close to the cheeks, have a good face-lift effect, and the short bangs overall looks very sweet and pleasant.

Style 4

The trend of the long hair egg roll, breaking the dull and dull sense of ordinary hair, to create a sense of dynamic hair wig charm, coupled with temperament in the bangs super cute and romantic.

Style 5

Fresh and sweet high-tailed hair. Thin bangs and low horsetails are not only fashionable but also very sweet, with a hair wig small fresh ponytail hairstyle.

How can a Korean wig be worn?

How to wear a Korean wig, a MM supple mid-length hair wig with a long hair style, and the ejector of the hair is more beautiful than the natural long hair, and the hair on both sides is affixed. The cheeks are naturally not artificial. How to wear a Korean wig? Of course, the most popular one is the Korean wave.

How can a Korean wig be worn? The original wig can be so beautiful.

I like the medium and long hair wig hairstyle of the medium and long hair style. The hair extension of the hair tail is more beautiful than the natural long hair. The hair on both sides is close to the cheek and it is not obvious. .

Of course, the most popular is the Korean wave head wig hairstyle, neat Qi Liuhai and the smooth short straight hair perfectly matched, a eye-catching wine red hair color is fashionable Korean wig and white.

Temperament in the middle and short hair style, this model is not like the intellectual OL, the simple short curly hair and playful spirits without losing the temperament, light brown fashion atmosphere with white shirt elegant and refined.

Of course, the beautiful long curly hair uk is also good. I want to switch between the long hair and the short hair charm. Of course, there are short hair. The temperament spiral curls match the Korean wig Mocha color in the light and look romantic and beautiful.

Korean wig

Exquisite goose egg face hairstyle how to wear a wig look good, a simple medium-length curly hair, this big wavy curly hair does not look like a fake, natural feelings instantly enhance the charm, very heart.

Speaking of how the wig can reduce the Korean long hair wheat perm, this small wave design feels free Korean wig from the rigid appearance of the mirror, but the aesthetic sense is not very diminishing at the same time it seems very sexy, may wish to try. Love beauty, start from scratch! Produced by Xiufa

Trend short hair wig try to be cool and handsome

Cute and playful, handsome personality, mature intellectual, short hair fascination is really hard to resist, not to mention Trend short hair wig there are so many zero-risk short hair wig pictures, but it is too late to see.

Trend short hair wig

First of all, this is the simplest and most common short hair wig. It is characterized by the irregular bangs in front of the Trend short hair wig forehead showing the eyebrows, making people look more eye-catching and more flexible than the ordinary Qi Liuhai.

Trend short hair wig try to be cool and handsome


This short hair wig in the bangs makes the short hair that is originally lively and playful, mature, and is also suitable for Trend short hair wig round face girls who have been afraid to cut short hair. The short hair of V face can bring them short hair. The same feeling.

Chocolate brown is full of chocolate-like luster, romantic and low-key color is very attractive, so this chocolate brown short hair wig can not only add a little bit of intellectual beauty, but also attract him.

If you want to try the BF wind sister paper, you must not miss this ultra-short short hair wig, very clean Trend short hair wig and neat, with a denim jacket, showing handsome and neutral, very individual.

Short hair wigs can be molded not only in direct styling, but also in hair coloring. This short hair wig is simple, but with the lazy Japanese linen that has been popular in recent years. Highly noticed.

Girl cos wig m bangs broken hair style

Girls make a lot of hairstyles for cos, but most of them are done with wigs, but how to make a girl’s wig COS hairstyle, not only to consider the effect of the hairstyle, but also think about how to cut the cos wig. first, In the cos wig, the girl cos wig bangs are made into an m shape, which not only looks good, first, but also considers what kind of hair style is better~ How to make a girl wig m bangs?

Girl cos wig m bangs broken hair style

Girl cos wig

Broken hair.

The hairiness of the hair root is still very high. first, The level is very special, cos on the bangs pointed.

first, Combine the hair on both sides of the hair for a little longer, and add a strand of hair to the forehead to form an m-shaped line. first, The difference is only the girl cos wig angle of the sharp corner of the m-shape.

The m-shaped bangs have a simple level.

first, The girl’s cos wig hair jelly hair type has a completely different style from the ordinary jellyfish hair type. The hair of the face is made into short hair,

and the outer hair is made of two ponytails with long hair. braid .The color is more special girl wig m bangs hair style, blue hair has the same temperament of the elf,this hairstyle is the curve of the hair on the girl cos wig cheeks has a neat curve,the back side of the hair is first, pressed against the neck to the front,the girl m Liu overseas’s side hair is very fine.

Hair wig styling hotspot

Wu Yifan was invited to depart Paris Men’s Week, wearing a purple wig shape caused fans and netizens to discuss. The majority of netizens commented that his twin sister hair wig appeared, and he changed his past style, quite a bit of a feeling of not taking the usual path.

Wu Yifan wig shape

Hair wig

It is reported that Wu Yifan’s hat and wig shape is hair wig to commemorate the sixth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. The whole shape is similar to Michael Jackson’s daily style.

Hair wig styling hotspot

Of course, the wig is not so good to wear. Wu Yifan can’t see the whole wig shape because of the help of a hat. The hair wig hat adds a big point to his style, but many stars wear wigs directly, and they feel terrible.