Cute girl wig Intellectual cute girl wig

Wigs are also a kind of girl’s beauty dress, then follow the small series to enjoy the girls’ latest cute girl wig fashion wig hairstyle pictures, I hope you like it.

Cute sweet girl with wig

Loli girl’s favorite fluffy wave head wig hairstyle, the two sides of the dress can also play a very good face-lifting effect, neat bangs highlight the big eyes, repair Wig long hair and cute and sweet!

Fashion lady girl wig

The oblique bangs play a very good role in modifying the face shape, while the hair in the middle roll cute girl wig increases the three-dimensional sense of this wig hairstyle, and the black hair color has a fashionable ladylike atmosphere.

Elegant and moving girl wig

Fashionable with brown hair dyed, with fluffy long curly hair style, the girl looks elegant and moving, and the large bangs wig hairstyle is undoubtedly a popular summer.

Intellectual cute girl wig

cute girl wig

This fluffy wave head wig is a very short-haired hair style with a Korean style. The texture perm is designed with irregular bangs, and it is somewhat intellectual and cute.

Gentle temperament girl wig

Compared with a lady’s warm temperament, a girl’s wig, straight hair in the long hair design, looks very  cute girl wig supple and smart, with a headband, looks temperament.

Temperament romantic girl wig

Extra long fluffy wig hairstyle, wave-shaped curls have a romantic side of the girl, broken bangs hair, with cute girl wig stylish brown and yellow hair color, trend temperament!

The above is to enjoy the girl’s latest fashion wig hairstyle picture, like it, may wish to take a look.

Shoulder length curly wig

This long curly hair with big curls on the side is Shoulder length curly wig perfect for facial repair. The long curly hair with light brown and bright makeup makes it more beautiful and sweet.

Shoulder length curly wig

Sculpt two
Don’t show delicate facial features, a felt hat and a modern girl’s feel with shoulder-to-shoulder curls in one ear.

Shoulder length curly wig

Sculpt three
Medium length straight hair has Shoulder length curly wig always been the favorite of girls, this long straight hair looks more pure.

Sculpt four
Inclined bangs highlight the perfect face shape, while the tail slightly upward cut, giving a fashionable youth of a wig.

Sculpt five
This kind of Qiliuhai pear flower hair tail slightly curly style, instant facial repair and aging many. Show the Hair wigs charm of the little woman.

Sculpt six
The inclined bangs play a very good role in Shoulder length curly wig modifying the face shape, while the inner button of the hair tail, facial fashion.

Sculpt seven
This fluffy long curly hair style can well modify the face and make the facial features more prominent.

Sculpt eight
Add a big romance roll, a sweet hairstyle for a few minutes, and don’t bother about going out on a date for half a day.

Sculpt nine
Such a black wig with natural curls looks Shoulder length curly wig elegant and moving with green clothes.

Indian hair wig Using Charming Wig to Create Fluffy Hair Style

This hairstyle makes good use of wigs to create a charming feeling. It is very suitable for girls with Indian hair wig medium and long hair.

STEP 1 first curls the hair with a curling stick.

STEP 2 then divides the hair into two parts, the first part of the hair is clipped up with a clip, and the second part is braided with a rubber band into ponytail, about in the middle and high position, pay attention to the ear left a small strand of hair.

Indian hair wig Using Charming Wig to Create Fluffy Hair Style


STEP 3 then fixes the selected long curl wig on the ponytail braid with a hairpin and covers the ponytail braid.

Indian hair wig

STEP 4 releases the front part of the hair and combs it upward and smoothly.

STEP 5 uses a comb to make the hair feel fluffy, and pulls the hair to one side while shaving.

STEP 6 spray the hair after the hair on  Indian hair wig the set spray.

STEP 7 then combs the styled hair behind the head.

STEP 8 fixes the front part of the hair with a hairpin according to the

above steps as shown in the figure. Pay attention to maintaining the fluffy degree of the hair when it is fixed.

After STEP 9 fixes the hair, eventually pull all the hair to one side and gently pull the hair with your hands. This hair  Indian hair wig  style is finished. Although the process is a little complicated, it is worth a try.

2018 short hair latest hairstyle

2018 popular short hair pictures female, these 15 models must not regret after cutting. Many people say that cutting short hair is a pit, but still can’t help but squander. It really “has abused you thousands of times, and you still treat it as first love.” What good short hair styles became popular in 2018? The most popular  short hair styles are summarized.

What hairstyles look good on shoulders? Compared with the cut-out layering, the neatly shoulder-length hair is more suitable for the workplace and daily life. With the eyebrow air, the bangs are sweet and dignified. When the hair is brought to the ear, the ear with the big earrings is also full of highlights.

The slightly short-cut mid-point short hair, compared with the monotonous mid-point, the hair tail is a little more fashionable and playful, and the face shape can also be reduced.

latest hairstyle

South Korea’s Madou’s mid-short hair, medium-point + inner-button short hair is the preferred face for small faces. It is super suitable for girls with inverted triangle face and goose face. A small C-shaped scroll makes the short hair and Liu Hulan hairstyle separate. And with the brown hair color is even more feminine.

2018 short hair latest hairstyle female

Miss South Korea’s lob head, learning Korean art dyed a blonde hair is even more amazing, how to do short hair? Dye a very light hair color to become a fairy! The asymmetric design of the wave head is also a favorite of light mature women.

Air Liu Haibo wave head, almost transparent air bangs is the key to maintaining a sweet feeling, plus a short hair on one side to create a small and exquisite feeling, so that the girl who cut short hair can also become playful, and the effect of age reduction is very good. Short hair.

Color wig Fashion color wigs

Wearing a wig? In fact, if you wear a wig occasionally, it is no problem, but if you wear a wig often, it may cause certain damage. Wearing a wig is like wearing a thick hat on your Color wig head to make the scalp hot, and the heat is A kind of catalyst can promote the metabolism of the scalp, the scalp is easy to sweat, and it secretes more oil and becomes more greasy. People who have a tendency to increase dandruff wear wigs and make the symptoms worse.

If you wear a wig too often, it is not good. But occasionally wearing a wig to change a shape, let yourself become beautiful, different from others, increase their self-confidence, this Color wig time wearing a wig can increase self-confidence, then wearing a wig is good.

Color wig Fashion color wigs

Color wig

The quality of wigs, most of the wigs on the market are not real hair, so they contain certain chemicals; long-term wear of wigs will definitely hurt the scalp. When cheap hair extension choosing a wig, pay attention to the wig’s breathability, hairline materials, and try not to choose the cheaper ones to minimize the damage to the scalp.

During the wearing of the wig, pay attention to the best wash every night, remove the greasy dirt on the head, to protect the scalp, hair clean and hygienic, but also pay attention to Color wig shampoo and conditioner should be separated, do not use what 2 in 1 Useless, use shampoo made from herbaceous plants. Don’t be lazy. Use shampoo every time you wash your hair. It can synthesize alkaline substances in shampoo.

European hair extension European and American style wigs

Compared with the effect after wearing a wig with a wig. Although the long straight light is full, it is always European hair extension monotonous. The long curly hair is very beautiful and very sexy. Don’t worry about being difficult to take care of.

Long curly hair is soft and curly, full of luster, looking back and smiling.

Step1: Prepare the curls that are similar to your own hair color.

European hair extension European and American style wigs

Step2: Put all the hair on the hairpin and fix it with a long hair behind the head. Use a comb with a brush to Fashion pop wigs comb the hair and make it fluffy. It is easy to fit the wig.

Step3: Take out the wig piece and stick it along the root of the brain. The wig has a thin hole in the steel piece to European hair extension hold the fluffy hair, so don’t worry about it falling.

Step4: After the whole wig piece is attached, it will become the effect in the above picture.

Step5: The long wig piece fits closely along the European hair extension hairline and is very natural.

European hair extension

Step6: Put the hair above the ear and put a wig on each. Then spread the long hair and the curls are done.

Golden brown princess big wave wig

Still worrying about the unchanging hairstyle every day? If you want to change your hair but worry about the hair being cut, is it not afraid to break your hair for a long time? If you are still worried about these problems, then Let’s choose a big wave wig variety of wig hairstyles! Today, I recommend several models of the most popular Japanese wigs this year. I want to create what I want, and the image of a beautiful girl must be yours!

Golden brown princess big wave wig

big wave wig

Come and change your hairstyle. This golden brown princess wavy wig that shows women’s gentle and feminine side will make you a perfect big wave like a Japanese actress. The length to the waist wig will make you sexy. The princess-like impression makes your short hair grow longer and create your own fashionable hairstyle!

Analyze the wig’s wig change rules

Create a variety of BOB head-button bangs wigs, dreamy and natural beauty wig, wear super easy! Change the secret props, no longer have to worry about bangs cut! Just wear the bangs hair piece, just It is easy to create a temperamental big wave wig Japanese fashion sense. Whether it is long hair or short hair, the effect is natural and stylish. Whether it is a doll-like thick bangs or a retro-slanted bangs, you can do whatever you want with ease!

Dark brown BOB head wig

This year’s ultra-dark dark brown BOB wig, in the prevailing college trend, this pretty fresh BOB wig style is a wig style that many stars are keen on, sweet and lovely design, let you simply incarnate beautiful college girl To create a romantic and gentle sweet girl angry quality, instant change is no longer a dream!

Micro-roll long curly hair wig

The layered micro-volume long curly hair wig, naturally does not significantly enhance the design of the curl, to create a star version of the dreamy shape, elegant and long hair style big wave wig makes you look like a sweet princess, the short hair style becomes long hair , the trend of people’s attention to the Queen!

Small ball packet head wig

Want to use a sweet little ball to Baotou? This Korean girl’s must-have sweet ball wig is your first choice. This year’s super popular Korean Kawaii ball head shape is like the super big wave wig model in Korean magazine. It’s cute and pretty, creating a cute, fluffy bag head that makes it easy to change your hair every day!

Short hair pear head wigs

Short curly hair is also one of the trends this year, what? You have no courage to go to perm? Then buy a wig to short hair pear head wigs play with, you can also set up a small jewelry in the Liu Hai, playful and cute.

Short hair pear head

Short hair pear head wigs

Looking at other MM round and cute perm short hair, eager to try to get a change in the image, but how to do with their long hair reluctantly? In fact, there is no need to be so distressed. Use wigs to help you change your image. You can satisfy your short hair dreams without having to cut your long hair.

Medium long hair
Pure mm favorite Korean hair style, thick shape to create a rich feeling, exudes a gentle and restrained atmosphere, micro curls is really the best hairstyle for pure beauty.

Short hair perm
The effect is very realistic wig hairstyle, in fact, even a wig can be simply shaped with a curling iron, the short hair pear head wigs feeling of refreshing and refreshing gives a sense of fashion and liveliness.

Qi Liuhai dark brown curly hair
Very popular non-mainstream wig, this mid-length hair wig with a hat is very good in autumn and winter, low-key hair color is easy to approach, Qi Liuhai age and cute.

Trendy long curly hair
Maroon-colored big waves and long curly hair, the choice of fashion women. If you like to be eye-catching, you can start short hair pear head wigs with a top! Go to the nightclub or party to make you a full-fledged audience.

Classic BOB head
The pretty BOB head can be said to be a high-profile girl’s hairstyle after Korean haircuts. This thick bangs BOB head, with a hat to create a college style, is really a tender weapon.

Korean style flower head
The most popular non-mainstream wigs that girls like, changed the previous Qi Liuhai, combed a middle point, plus short hair pear head wigs a cute big bow hair accessories, Korean flavor, very suitable for sweet and lovely MM.

Long air sensation
The sleek top hat, the smart and active maroon long straight hair, the slightly upturn makes the wig more realistic, and the temperamental rebellious femininity immediately appears.

Black long straight hair wig

The long black hair straight hair is pure and lovely, and the thick bangs of the age-old bangs are very natural. The long straight hair wig Japanese girl’s natural beauty is the most popular non-mainstream cute hairstyle.

long straight hair wig

The semi-circular bangs wavy hair is very temperament, the chestnut hair color has the effect of brightening the skin tone, and the hair accessories or hats are cute and moving.

A straight hair with straight hair, looks long straight hair wig pure and cute, and is more pretty with a big bow headband.

The BOB head in the middle, so the mess is a little messy, look a little more sweet and lively, brown hair can save the skin color.

The fluffy pear head is very arrogant, and the stylish yet short hair perm is definitely a non-mainstream hairstyle that grabs the eye.

 Black long straight hair wig is pure and cute

The BOB hair wig type that has just reached the clavicle is the favorite non-mainstream cute hairstyle for girls after 90, soft hair color, fine bangs, age and sweetness.

This short bangs BOB head, whether from the front or side, smooth hair, let you exude a strong youthful, short hair more cute and feminine.

The long curly hair of the bangs with long curly hair is also the favorite style of long straight hair wig this season’s long hair MM. The long curly hair and cheeks make you look beautiful.

Partially long bangs hairdressing effect is good, more suitable for face MM, plus floral hair accessories, the entire curly hair style gives a feminine feeling.

Spring popular wig long curly hair

Side fluffy wig hair color: light brown for face: round face, long face, goose egg face side bangs style with wig long curly hair light color hair color look dazzling.

The effect of shredded hair is also fluffy, very realistic, and the rendering of the gradient color is more individual.

Gradient long hair style

Hair color: dark brown

Suitable for face: round face, long face, goose face

The gradation of the dyeing effect makes people feel more individual, and the long hair is long curly hair rendered more feminine.

Fluffy explosive personality curls

Hair color: wine red

Suitable for face: round face, long face, goose face, square face

The burgundy color of the hair color highlights the whiteness of the complexion, and the fluffy curly hair looks more individual.

The explosive effect brings a fluffy feeling, and the long curly hair face is extremely petite and very age-reducing.

Spring popular wig long curly hair

Linen long hair

Hair color: linen

Suitable for face: round face, long face, goose face

wig long curly hair

The thick bangs of the side are matched with the long-volume shredded hair effect, which is relatively natural.

The messy feeling of the tail is a little heavy and looks fashionable.

Side long curly hair

Hair color: light brown

Suitable for face: round face, long face, goose face, wide face

Cover the forehead with thick side bangs, which is long curly hair more sweet and age-reducing.